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Dylan's Hearts was founded on February 26, 2013, in honor of my wonderful friend, a red golden retriever named Dylan. When Dylan was faced with a terminal illness, lymphoma, I spared no expense to provide the care and treatment of my beloved friend. In today's economy and rising costs of health care of every kind, I realized how fortunate I was that I could afford the expense. Knowing not everyone can make that decision so easily, Dylan's Hearts was established to honor Dylan's life and to help make it possible for others to pursue treatment for their animal companion's life threatening conditions.

Some believe when your heart is broken, your soul sends a light out into the universe. Somewhere, another soul sees the light and comes to help you. They say the wound is the place where the light enters. And so it was with Dylan and me. When Dylan came into my life, he filled my heart with great love and joy and showed me what a blessing it is to share that love and joy with others. Dylan's love became my sanctuary and continues to be so today.

Dylan passed over at six years old after a courageous battle. He kept his joyous outlook and happy attitude until the end. My love for Dylan is immense, just as my grief was when he passed away. As I struggled to deal with the grief that overwhelmed me, something beautiful began happening in my life. As I walked around my neighborhood, where Dylan and I walked many miles, hearts began appearing in my path! I began to find hearts all around my home, when I traveled, when I walked on the beach, and even when I sat down at tables in restaurants! As more and more hearts appeared, I began to realize that these hearts were put before me to begin to heal my broken heart over Dylan's passing. The hearts pushed me through my grief and Dylan's Hearts was born!

With his unconditional love, his playful and joyful outlook, his courage and determination, Dylan taught me not to waste a moment. He taught me to be present and aware so as not to miss all the wonder around each of us every day. And, most of all, with the beautiful hearts he has brought to my life these last years, Dylan has shown me that love really is stronger than death.

Dylan's Hearts was founded in honor of Dylan, with love and gratitude for all he continues to teach those who know and love him. Our hope is that by providing financial assistance in times of critical need, Dylan's Hearts will perpetuate the bond that exists between humans and their animal companions, and provide others with the wonderful opportunity to experience a love like Dylan's!

"Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart."
–Native American Saying

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