Dylans Heart


The guidelines for making funding decisions are below. Every request for funding will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and Dylan's Hearts reserves the right to grant or deny a funding application without further explanation. Proof of financial need must be documented.

Approved Forms of Financial Documentation 

Check the US Government WIC Guidelines below  to see if your family qualifies for assistance based on the WIC Program:

Click Here

If your household does not qualify under WIC guidelines, you can still qualify if any of the following apply:

Current Medicaid Card | Current EBT Food Stamp Card | Current Welfare Recipient | Currently Receiving Social Security Disability | Currently Receiving Unemployment Benefits

Other Eligibility Requirements

• The Applicant Must Be Seeking Assistance for One Animal in Need of Urgent Medical Care
• The Applicant Must Obtain a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan before Applying
• Dylan's Hearts Cannot Pay for Existing Veterinary Bills
• Applicants Are Only Accepted through the Attending Veterinarian
• The Applicant Agrees to Provide Updates & Photos of the Animal

The Animal Must*

• Have a Life Threatening or Critical Injury or Illness That Requires a Specific Treatment
• Must Have a Favorable Prognosis

*Dylan's Hearts does not fund for on-going or chronic issues or medicine that requires continual treatment.

Cancer Eligibility Guidelines

• the Animal Is Being Treated through a Veterinary Hospital for Cancer
• the Animal's Expected Response from Treatment Is Either Achieving Remission or Prolonged Good Quality of Life


Payments will be made to the veterinarian, 501c3 approved rescue organizations, or a pharmacy for veterinarian prescribed medications only. No payment will be made directly to an animal's owner. The Application For Assistance Must Be Completed By The Attending Veterinarian. Any other applications will not be considered or responded to.

The Veterinary Clinic Must

• Be Willing to Provide an Itemized Estimate of the Planned Treatment
• Be Willing to Accept Payment from Dylan's Hearts
• Be Willing to Provide Updates on Treatment to Dylan's Hearts

Life Threatening and Critical Care Emergencies

Dylan's Hearts knows the veterinarian is the best one to determine the urgency of an animal's need for care. At times, this care must be immediate in order to save the animal. We will do our best to help in these situations. While there will be times we will not have all of the funds needed, hopefully we can offer enough so that you can move forward with treatment and make other arrangements for the balance.

Letter of Acceptance

When Dylan's Hearts approves an application the veterinarian will always be notified with a letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance will advise of the amount we have approved for the specific application received.


After treatment has been provided, email Dylan's Hearts a copy of the invoice. The invoice should reflect any amount already paid by the owner or caregiver or any donations made from other organizations.

Payment will be made by check and sent via US Mail or UPS™ within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. Funds can only be held for a specific case for 30 days, so please send your invoice to Dylan's Hearts as quickly as possible.