Providing Your Companion Animal with Critical or Emergency Veterinary Care

At Dylan's Hearts we provide families with financial assistance to pay for emergency or critical veterinary expenses. More than 117,000 pets are euthanized or forfeited every week in the United States. Most Americans are unaware of this horrible statistic. Thousands of animals are put to sleep by owners and caregivers whose financial challenges prohibit them from rendering emergency and necessary medical care for their animal companions. These decisions are painful and heartbreaking.

While there may be many reasons we find ourselves in this position, Dylan's Hearts is here to provide alternative solutions. By providing financial assistance in times of critical need, Dylan's Hearts allows veterinary care decisions to be made based on the most favorable outcome for the animal, not by the financial distress of the animal's caregiver.

Our Goals

• Mitigate Unnecessary Pain & Suffering in Animals That Cannot Access Veterinary Treatment because of Financial Constraints Facing Their Owners
• Assist Animal Owners in Making Animal Care Decisions Based upon the Needs of the Animal Rather than Financial Limitations, Reducing Unnecessary Euthanasia.
• Educate the Public Regarding the Benefits of Spay/Neuter Programs 

Reiki Ideals

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