Animals We Have Helped




Say hello to Shelby! Shelby had a very large lipoma, which you might see in this photo, that needed removing. Dylan's Hearts was glad to help Shelby get the surgery she needed. We are happy to report Shelby is now home and recovering with her family! Good luck Shelby!

Say hello to Sassy, This little girl needed emergency surgery for pyometra. Dylan's Hearts is glad we could help this girl get the surgery to save her life. Good luck, Sassy!


Little Boy

This is Little Boy who survived a very bad case of parvo. Dylan's Hearts was so glad we could help Little Boy get the treatment he needed! Good luck, Little Boy!

This big girl is Lucy and Dylan's Hearts was glad we could help her get some much needed help. Lucy had a terrible infection of her mammary glands and needed emergency surgery to help her fight the infection. We are so glad that Lucy did well and is now home with her family.



Say hello to "Poochi." Poochi is just waking up from emergency surgery to remove a string that had become wrapped around his intestines! We are glad Dylan's Hearts could help and hope that Poochi will stay away from strings! Good luck, Poochi.

This sweet boy is Toby. Toby suffers from lymphoma and Dylan's Hearts was so glad we could help Toby get some of the diagnostic tests he needed. We wish Toby and his family all the best and continue to pray that one day there will be a cure for lymphoma in humans and our animal companions.



Say hello to "Tangeray." This little girl had a terrible eye infection that resulted in the need to remove the eye. Dylan's Hearts helped Tangeray get the surgery she needed and we are glad to report she is doing well.

This is "Love Bug." Love Bug's case is one of the saddest for us at Dylan's Hearts. Living on the end of a chain, Love Bug was attacked by 3 other neighborhood dogs. She was near death when brought to the vet, where she remained for over 6 weeks undergoing treatment. Working with the vet, Dylan's Hearts helped pay for her care only after requiring that she not go back to living on the end of a chain. Her family was able to find a used 10 x 12 dog kennel for Love Bug and hopefully that will provide safety for her. Now, she is having to live indoors while she continues to recover and our hope is her family will let her remain an indoor companion. Good luck, Love Bug.

Love Bug


This handsome fellow is Eli. He was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia specifically ununited anconeal process. Dylan's Hearts is glad we could help Eli get the surgery he needed to fix his elbow! Good luck, Eli!

Please say hello to Gracie. Gracie was attacked by another animal and needed emergency help in treating her wounds and getting the antibiotics she needed. Dylan's Hearts was glad we could help Gracie get the treatment she needed! Good luck, Gracie!



This little girl is "Foxie." She had some bladder stones that needed removing and Dylan's Hearts was glad we could help! We are glad to report Foxie is doing well!

This little guy is "Duke." He presented with the very early symptoms of parvo and Dylan's Hearts was so glad to be able to help him stop that awful disease in its' tracks. Glad to report Duke is home and doing well!



This sweet girl is Coco. She was hit by a car when she got out of her leash while walking with her family. Her resulting injuries included two broken legs that needed surgery to repair. The owner is on a fixed income, single parent, with 3 children. 1 child is severely disabled (nonverbal, wheelchair-dependent, g-tube fed, seizure disorder, requires total support). Cocoa is 1.6 yr old, companion to the family and especially their special needs son. They are very attached and she provides him laughter with her energy & calm when he's sick or out of seizure. Dylan's Hearts is glad we could help and thanks the Banfield Foundation for their assistance!

This is CiCi. This poor girl presented with an inguinal hernia with the entrapped pyometra! She needed emergency surgery in order to save her life. Dylan's Hearts, in partnership with the Banfield Foundation, are so glad we could help! Cici is doing great today!



Please say hello to this 3 year old cutie named Lita. Lita serves as a reminder that even a 3 year old can come down with Parvo so it is so important to vaccinate all puppies for this terrible virus. Thankfully, Lita responded well to treatment and is doing great now!

Please say hello to T-Bear a 6 year old mix breed. T-Bear had several growths that needed to be removed, not only from his hind leg but also 2 in his gums. Thanks to Dylan's Hearts partnership with the Banfield Foundation we were able to help T-Bear's family give him the much needed care. Good luck, T-Bear!

T Bear


Please say hello to Haze, a six month old puppy rescued by her current owner from some neighborhood boys. After having Haze for 2 months she came down with light parvo symptoms. Dylan's Hearts, with assistance from from the Banfield Foundation, was glad to help! We are happy to report Haze is doing great and we received the following from his owner: "You guys saved my everything Haze. She had parvo but is now back to her crazy puppy self, I can't thank you enough for that! Here are some pictures of Haze , she is an 8 month old pit mix ! Thank you sooooo much again you're truly a blessing!