Those We Have Helped In 2013-2014



Bella is one lucky girl!  She was thrown, or she jumped, from the back of a pick up truck.  The driver of the truck backed up and ran over her and in doing so crushed her leg.  A good samaritan saw the entire event and rushed Bella to her veterinarian.  During her recovery, Bella found a perfect match for a foster home, that quickly turned into a forever home.  Dylan's Hearts was happy we could help Bella and her new family get her the care she needed!


Meet Riddick.  He was found wandering the streets, obviously a stray and neglected.  He was picked up by animal control and taken to the local animal shelter.  From there, Riddick was rescued by South of the Bully rescue.  On his vet visit, Riddick was found to have skin infections, ear infections, along with swelling in both ears. Worst of all, he was heartworm positive.  Dylan's Hearts distributed funds to help sponsor Riddick's heartworm treatment.  Good Luck Riddick!

Goober is a purebred golden (he has a tattoo on his ear which probably indicates he was bred or kept as a hunting dog) approximately 6-10 years old who ended up at the Pender County shelter. He came into the program at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue on June 14, 2013 very skinny (only 45 pounds) and sick. . He was diagnosed heartworm and lyme disease positive. In addition, ear/urinary/anal gland infections, bloody diarrhea, an enlarged prostate and a high white count. Goober was stabilized and placed in foster care where he is getting special feedings to gain weight and lots of love and affection Goober


Say hello to Apple!  Apple was rescued by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC from a kill shelter. She had been brought in to the shelter as a stray.  Apple has tested positive for heart worms and Dylan's Hearts is happy to sponsor her treatment.

Meet "Toby," Dylan's Hearts latest recipient of a grant for critical veterinary care.  Toby had an ulcerated tumor on his leg that needed to be removed as soon as possible.  Dylan's Hearts is grateful for the opportunity to help and we are glad to report Toby is back home and doing well!  Good luck, Toby!



Dylan's Hearts is so glad we were able to help "Poppy."  Poppy was a very sick boy with an urethral obstruction and had only hours to live when Dylan's Hearts was contacted to help!  Working with the attending veterinarian and Poppy's caregivers, a plan was made and a Dylan's Hearts' grant was provided for emergency surgery for Poppy.  Thankfully, treatment was provided in time and we wish Poppy very good luck on his road to recovery!

Roscoe is an older gentleman who has had a relatively rough life. His caregivers have small children and are financially strained to the max. When a Good Samaritan neighbor could no longer let Roscoe's terrible dental problems go untreated, Dylan's Hearts was able to provide a grant to help remove 22 teeth that were terribly decayed and to treat Roscoe with excellent antibiotics to eliminate the infection he had been enduring for years. Dylan's Hearts tips our hat to the Good Samaritan neighbor and are glad we could help. No photo available.


Marlee is an 11 week old Lab puppy who escaped from her fence and was hit by a car.  Her leg was broken and  her caregivers could not afford the needed surgery to place a pin in her leg.  Dylan's Hearts provided a grant to help secure the needed care for Marlee.  Her prognosis is great for a full recovery.  Good luck, Marlee!

"Bella" was hit by a car and had a terrible laceration on her hind leg.  Her human companion needed financial assistance to pay the veterinary bill for the surgery to repair Bella's leg.  Dylan's Hearts was so grateful to have the opportunity to help Bella and her human companion by providing funds for the surgery.  Bella's caregiver has multiple sclerosis and Bella is her constant companion.   Good luck, Bella!



This handsome gentleman is "Santana," newly rescued from life on the end of a chain!  South of the Bully rescued Santana, along with 3 others, from a life outside in the freezing cold.  Dylan's Hearts was so glad to be able to provide a grant to pay for Santana's very critical heartworm  treatment.  The very good news is that it looks like Santana will be adopted very soon and will live inside and stay warm for the rest of his life!  Good luck, Santana!!

"Cooper" is a 9 year old labrador retriever who was found to have a mast cell tumor on his hind leg.  Cooper's family had recently lost his little sister to cancer and had extensive expense in caring for her before she lost her battle with the same type of cancer Cooper had been diagnosed with during a routine vet visit.  Dylan's Hearts was so thankful to have the opportunity to help fund Cooper's surgery to remove the tumor.  We are happy to report the surgery got all of the cancer and Cooper is home with his family and doing great!



Say hello to "Gary!"  Gary was one of six puppies owner surrendered to a rescue in Dobson, NC.  He had a huge hernia about 17cm extending from umbilicus to inguinal region.  Area's of Gary's intestine were adhered to the body wall as well.  It took two surgeries to repair Gary's hernia and Dylan's Hearts was grateful for the opportunity to provide a grant for the second surgery.  We are pleased to report that Gary is doing well and is now living with a foster family, getting strong and healthy so he can find his permanent home!  Good luck, Gary!

Say hello to Casper!  Casper had bi-lateral torn ACL- and was non weight bearing on both rear legs due to injury. Dylan's Hearts was happy to provide a grant to help pay for Casper's surgery for both rear legs!  We are happy to report that Casper is up and running around, good as new!   Good luck, Casper!



This is Azabache!   He was in an accident and broke his hind leg.  The break required major surgery and Dylan's Hearts was so glad we could provide a grant so Azabache could receive the care he needed.   Good luck, Azabache!

Say hello to Peanut!  Peanut was hit by a car and received extensive injuries to her abdomen , tail and right hind let, which was broken.  Dylan's Hearts was able to provide a grant to amputate Peanut's leg and tail so he could have a pain free life.  Good luck, Peanut!


Pepper was a very sick girl as she had a foreign  object obstruction and needed emergency surgery to remove the object.  Dylan's Heart provided a grant for Pepper to help with the cost of the surgery and we are happy to report Pepper is doing just great now!  Stay well, Pepper!

Sissy had a terrible abscess on her face that needed to be removed before it caused Sissy to have a life threatening infection.  Dylan's Hearts was glad to provide a grant to help provide the funds for the needed surgery.  Her family advises that she is doing much better and we wish her all the luck in the world! (this photo was taken some weeks after her survey, as the photo of her abscess is too graphic to put on the webpage.)


No photo is available of Conan, a 12 month old cat that came inside one night with a crushed leg that was causing him terrible pain. Dylan's Hearts was able to provide a grant to help get the leg amputated, as that was the suggested procedure for Conan. The surgery went well and we wish Conan good luck in his recovery!

Chilam is a quaker parrot and one of Dylan's Hearts most interesting cases!  His beak was bitten off by another bird and Dylan's Hearts provided a grant to have his beak re-attached!  We are happy to report that Chilam is doing well, eating on his own now.  Good luck, Chilam!



Lucy had gotten herself into a bad way by eating 40 hairbands!  Dylan's Hearts provided a grant for surgery to remove the obstruction these hairbands were causing.  We are glad to report Lucy is doing well!  Stay away from hairbands, Lucy!

No photo is available for CC. a 5 month old puppy suffering from Parvo.  Thankfully, the puppy got the emergency treatment he needed and Dylan's Hearts was so grateful to provide a grant for his treatment.  We wish CC and his caregivers the best of luck!


This is Shitchua who had an ulcerating cancerous mammary tumor that needed to be removed immediately.  Dylan's Hearts was glad to provide a grant for this surgery to help get Shitchua back to good health!  Good luck, Shitchua!

This is Love, a shepherd mix that was rescued with demodectic mange.  He needed antibiotics, multiple dip treatment, and vaccinations, including rabies.  Dylan's Hearts provided a grant to get Love the treatment he needed and we look forward to an updated photo when he is all well!  Good luck, Love!



This precious boy is Riley who was found to have a parathyroid nodule that needed to be surgically removed.  Dylan's Hearts was so happy we could help Riley by providing a grant for a portion of the cost for his surgery.  We are so glad to report his surgery went well and we wish Riley and his family the best of luck!

This is Berkley who just about tore his toenail off playing catch with his family.  Dylan's Hearts was happy we could help get the toenail removed and get Berkley some antibiotics and pain meds to help until his toenail grows back!  Be careful, Berkley!



This is Akira who had an infected uterus that was in danger of rupturing.  Dylan's Hearts provided a grant to help pay for Akira's needed surgery and we are happy to report she is doing so well!  Good luck, Akira!