Those We Have Helped In 2015



Sophie had an infected gallbladder and needed surgery to remove the gallbladder before it ruptured.  Dylan's Hearts was able to provide a portion of the funds necessary for this operation and we are so glad to report Sophie is home and doing well.  Stay well, Sophie!



Chiquito had a urinary obstruction due to urethral and bladder stones.  Dylan's Hearts was able to provide a grant to help fund the surgery to remove the stones and get Chiquito back to good heath!

This cutie is Lexie who had a benign tumor that began bleeding from her right hind leg.  While the tumor was not cancerous, it still needed to be removed.  Lexie is a service dog who can detect seizures and diabetic distress.  Dylan's Hearts was so happy we could help Lexie get the care she needed



Benji also had a urinary obstruction due to stones.  Dylan's Hearts was glad to help this little guy get that taken care of and back to good health!

This guy is "JoJo".  He got out of his yard and was hit by a car.  Dylan's Hearts provided a grant to help get JoJo the surgery he needed to repair his leg and several lacerations.  We are glad to report that JoJo is doing well.  Good luck, JoJo!



This sweet girl is "Abby."   Abby's family had to surrender her rather that euthanize her when she was hit by a car and they could not afford to give her the help she needed.   Luckily for Abby, one of the vet techs at the veterinarian's office adopted her on the spot.  Abby found a new home as well as got the treatment she needed, including the amputation of a very badly broken leg.  Good luck, Abby!

This big boy is "Willey."   Willey needed knee surgery and Dylan's Hearts was glad we could help by providing a grant for a portion of the cost of his operation.  Willy is home and is recovering well with his family.  Good luck, Willey!



This beautiful girl is "Button."   Dylan's Hearts provided a grant for a round of chemotherapy for Button's lymphoma treatment.  While Button did great for several months, unfortunately, Button recently passed away from this dreaded disease.   RIP Button.   We will never forget you.

This is Simba who needed surgery for the removal of bladder stones! Dylan's Heart was glad to help Simba get the treatment she needed!



This little lady is Lacey. She needed a mass removed from her right thigh and Dylan's Hearts was glad to help her have the tumor removed!

Say hello to Pablo who was attacked by a larger dog and had some very serious wounds. Dylan's Hearts was glad to help Pablo get laser treatments to help heal those wounds!


This beautiful boy is Buddy.  Buddy had a series of health issues that created a real hardship for his family.  Dylan's Hearts was glad that we could help him with some much needed surgery to repair a craniel cruciate ligament tear.  We are glad to tell you Buddy is home and doing well.

This is Sterling who needed some major dental work done.  Dylan's Hearts was glad we could help Sterling's family get the funds to provide Sterling the needed care.

This beautiful girl is Emma who was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Dylan's Hearts was so glad to provide funds for one treatment of chemo to give Emma more time with her family.  Sadly, after a courageous battle against this awful disease, Emma passed away at the age of 13.

This cute fellow is Arnie.  Arnie had an infection in his left knee joint that had previous surgery and had a bone put in place.  In order to clear the infection and keep Arnie from getting a potentially fatal infection, he needed surgery to remove the plate and clean out the infection.  Dylan's Hearts was glad we could help Arnie get the help he needed!


This is Emma.  She had a foreign object that needed surgery to remove.  Dylan's Hearts was happy to help Emma get that item out.  We are glad to report she is doing great!

Say hello to Ruby Two Shoes!  Ruby needed a very urgent surgery for a pacemaker.  Dylan's Hearts was glad to be able to be part of a number of organizations that helped Ruby get the help she needed.  Good luck, Ruby Two Shoes!

This sad boy is Fred.  Fred's story is the toughest Dylan's Hearts has been involved in.  While riding in a large service truck with his one of his human family members, who suddenly fell ill, Fred was involved in a horrible auto accident.   Fred was pulled from the burning truck by two witnesses that could not save anyone else.  Fred had several burns that needed emergency treatment but sadly, the four people involved in the accident died on the scene.  Dylan's Hearts was so grateful we could help Fred.  We wish Fred and his family all the best wishes as they recover from this terrible tragedy.

This pretty girl is Angel and she is the faithful companion of an elderly couple.   When Angel was diagnosed with heartworms, the couple on a fixed income, needed some help with the cost of the treatment.  Dylan's Hearts was happy to help!

This is Clark, who was found and rescued from the side of the road.  Clark's hind legs did not work so the rescuers found a program of physical therapy that is helping him regain the use of his legs.  Dylan's Hearts was happy to help with one of the PT sessions for Clark and we wish him all the best!