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In Memory

In Memory of Woofey, after 28 years, still missed every day by Karen Jordan

In Memory of Bailey by Susan Wilburn

In memory of Thurman by Robin Thomas and Donna Grahl

In Loving Memory of Bailey, and many others, by Gaines and Susan Elliott Wilburn

In memory of Bailey Searls by Ashley & Eric Searls

In memory of Gizmo Courtney by Margaret Courtney

In memory of Ici by Karen Jordan

In memory of Honey by Kathy Pope

In memory of Ceecee, Marley, and Nick by Susan J Karczewski & Wayne E Jones

In memory of Renie by Marion Earls & Jerry Ramsey

In memory of Graham W. Denton, Jr. by Anne Denton

In memory of Henley, Precious & Gizmo by Louisa Dexter

In memory of Cleofus by Cara Furness

In memory of Henry by Greg and Susan Parlier

In memory of Dr. Eric A. Cerwin by Lisa Pomilla

In memory of Maggie by Karen Dull

In memory of "the Great Scots" Charlie, Bogie, Molly, Zack, Sailor, Scotty by Elain & Jack Schall

In memory of Mischief Woody by Jim Woody

In memory of my beloved Murphy Brown by Susan Campbell

In memory of our parents, Julian and Barbara  Bulla by  Julia Carter, Linda Oxendine, Betsy Bulla and Carol Vincent

In memory of Fitch by Rhonda K Wright

In memory of Joan Harrison by Ann Tietz

In memory of Dolce & Socks by Beverly Schultz

In memory of all the Olin Dogs by Julie Olin

In memory of Junior, Charlie & Dixie, our dogs, by Robin McCuiston

In memory of Sukie, Roan- Mineair by Carol Lavack

In memory of Shae by Richard Gray

In memory of Patch and Mouse by Annmarie & Jim Anemone 

In memory of Malle By Cammie Bell

In memory of Molly by Elizabeth Andrews

In memory of Max by Diane Messinger

In memory of Koko by Betty Hertenstein

In memory of Sigg by Jill Townsend

In loving memory of Bailey by Susan Wilburn

In loving memory of the McCuiston pets at Rainbow Bridge by Robin McCuiston

In loving memory of my precious “Rag a Muffin” Roxie!, by Donna Howard

In Memory of Bailey by Nikki and Rich Mossman

In Memory of Jake Pomilla by Lisa Pomilla

In Memory of Frost and Pepsi by Pat Granger

In Memory of Buddy by Rachel Rissler

In Memory of Tessa Blalock by Kris and Kim

In Memory of Bailey Searls by Ashley & Eric Searls

In Memory of Graham W Denton, Jr by Anne Denton

In Memory of Ginger by Debra Mays

In Memory of Mark Casey by Jen Whitten

In Memory of Swizzle by Veronica Campbell

In Memory of Honey by Kathy Pope

In Memory of Fluffy Kramer by Minda Kramer

In Memory of Gizmo Courtney by Margaret Courtney

In Memory of CeeCee by Wayne Jones and Susan Karczewski

In Memory of Shane by RIchard L Gray

In Memory of Chevy Westie by Helen Cecil

In Memory of "Mama Kitty" by Elaine French

In Memory of Molly by Christy Telleyshi

In Memory of Maggie Ann by Karen Dull

In Memory of Charlie by John & Elaine Schall

In Memory of Henley Dexter by Louisa Dexter

In Memory of Duane & Shirley by Elise Watkins

In Memory of Dylan by his Mama Carol.

In Memory of Sonny, beloved companion of April and Chad Smith and sons

In Memory of Lady, Sissy, Molena by Sarah Pyle

In Memory of Max and Lucy by Marianne McCoy

In Memory of Beans & Audrey by Ms. Mary Luther

In Memory of Ici by Karen Jordan

In Memory of Cleofus by Cara & Andy Furness

In Memory of Tillman by Lori & Keith Roady

In Memory of Dolce by Patricia Sitts

In Memory of Suzy-Q by Shane Burton

In Memory of Chance by Ken and Debby Kyre

In Memory of Annie, beloved companion of Katy & Keith Holland

In Memory of Shae by Richard Gray

In Memory of Rufus Nelson by Carol LaVack

In Memory of Honey by Kathy Pope and Richard Smith

In Memory of Melissa by her human, Charlotte Krugler

In Memory of Nick and Marley by Susan Karczewski

In Memory of Myrtle Cross, beloved companion of Jeanne Cross by Jeanne Cross

In Memory of Bill and Kaye Barnard by David Barnard

In Memory of Cleo and Critter by Donna and Bill Adkins

In Memory of Molly Cat by Judy Gerhardt

In Memory of Henry Parlier, beloved sweet companion of the Parlier family

In Memory of Woofey by Karen Jordan

In Memory of Robbie Jernigan by Elizabeth Andrews

In Memory of Bradford by Janet Royal

In Memory of Rusty and "our good times," by Cam Bell

In Memory of Jack Schwab by Janie Schwab

In Memory of Kiki, companion of Sharon LaRusch, by Janie Schwab

In Memory of Dylan, beloved companion of Donna Grahl, by Diane Jacobs.

In Memory of Sophia Pomilla by Joe and Lisa Pomilla

In Memory of Miss Haley Harrison by AnnTietz

In Memory of Miss Haley by Joan Harrison

In Memory of Cleofus by Cara Furness.

In Memory of Jack, beloved feline companion of Tom and Ann Gresalfi

In Memory of Sophie Grace by Judy Hurt

In Memory of Brasco, Baxter & Oliver by Debbie Miller

In Memory of Molly, beloved companion of Camilla Henderson by Lora and Dean McPhail.

In Memory of Zeus, beloved companion of Vicki & Lee Trone by Lora and Dean McPhail.

In Memory of Jack, beloved companion of Janie Schwab.

In Memory of Duncan, a Golden Retriever who recently lost his battle with lymphoma. Duncan was the much loved dog of the Floyd family and the family's other Golden Retriever.

In Memory of Reese, "the most loving friend and companion and her presence will always be missed", by her family, Nikki and Rich Mossman.

In Memory of June, beloved companion of Dr. Courtney Pierce, by Donna Grahl

In Memory of Jerry Davis by Charles and Bobbie Thomas.

In Memory of Jerry Davis by Tina Koontz.  “In memory for someone who loved animals and always put their needs before his.”  

In Memory of Nikko Kyd, by Lisa Frucht.  "An amazing animal that loved and protected my parents so well."

In Memory of Nikko Kyd, by Anne Davis Hamilton.  "Nikko was a big guy with an even bigger heart & a gentle soul."

Jasmine by Donna and Bill Adkins

Foxcrest Myrtle Fargate by Jeanne Cross

Graham W. Denton, Jr. by Anne Denton

Oliver by Debbie Miller

In Memory of Foxcrest Myrtle Fargate, great friend and canine companion to Jeanne Cross.  Myrtle was lost unexpectedly and will be missed by all who knew her.

In Memory of Karen Reittinger from Leroy, Judy, and Dennis Helms.

In Memory of Alice Voorhees, a much loved neighbor and friend and special champion to all felines.  By Taylor Council and Pam Blackwood.

"Teddy,"  a great cat loved by all who knew him, by Donna, Robin and Judy Helms.

"Lucy"  by Diane Robinson

"Lucy", beloved pet of The Grahl Family  by They Ayers Family

"Stashi," beloved cat of Suzanne Raymond from Pam Blackwood and Taylor Council

"Baltimore," a great neighbor to us and a best friend to Mindy and Frankie.  We will miss you, Balti,  From Donna and Robin.

"Annie,"  by Cheryl Smith

"Annie,"  my sweet Annie, by Judy Helms.

"Annie,"  a wonderful, kind soul and great friend to Judy and Leroy, by Donna Grahl and Robin Thomas.

"Lucy," great friend and companion to the entire Grahl family.  Put simply, she was a "great dog."   by Donna Grahl and Robin Thomas.

"Brasco", canine companion of Jennifer Fields by Debbi Miller.

"Spencer "Genius" Davis", wonderful Springer Spaniel companion of Jane Davis by Anne Hamilton

"Mamma B" by Leroy and Judy Helms

Dick, stepfather of Gary Duval by Judy and Leroy Helms

"Salsa", a special little girl who made her way in this world for many years with the loving help of Julie Olin.  She is running wild and healthy now!  By Donna Grahl

"Stone"  Great, faithful companion of Julie Olin and loved by all who knew him.  A real beautiful soul.  By Donna Grahl

"Riley,"  Fun, loving and wild family dog of The Ayers Family who often treated himself to whole pizzas and anything else off the highchair tray!  By Julie Grahl

Guy Townsend, father to Keith and Scott, "Grandpa" to Jill, Allyson, and Sarah and  "Uncle Guy" to many.  From, Donna, Carol, Charlie and Family, Robin, Judy Helms, and Tuggle Duggins Law Firm.  We love you.

"Pepper,"   longtime faithful companion to Lisa Alexander and family.  By Donna Grahl.

"Tallulah," sweet companion to Peggy Robinson for 9 wonderful years. From Robin Thomas and Donna Grahl

"Sadie", beloved companion who will be missed by Kim, Tom, and Sydney Robinson. By Robin Thomas and Peggy Robinson.

"Cookie," longtime companion of the Greenway Family by Robin Thomas.

"Bennie," constant companion of Elizabeth Waller for a good, long 15 years.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  By Penny Lynch

"Winston, "Little Shit", Donlan", best friend of Sandra Donlan for 16 years.   By Anne Hamilton and Reiner

"Behr". in honor of the Kevin Caudle family and the memory of their beloved companion, "Behr".  He gave them many years of devotion and love.  by Linda Smeltzer

"Aspen", a great dog and best friend to Kelly and Luke Dyer from Jimmy and Julie Grahl

"Boone", Golden Retriever companion of Charlotte Mitchell, by Joann Mitchell

Mr. Julian Bulia, Father to Julia, Linda and Betsy...great love for his girls and animals. by Judy Helms

"Aspen,",  A lucky dog who found Luke and Kelly and brought them many years of great love and companionship.  By Aunt Donna

"Dylan," "a great dog I was lucky enough to know" by Dan Conway

"Gizmo"  a wonderful companion to Clare Black McSwain for over 14 yeas, by Merry Black

Dylan,"  my dog of a lifetime, my teacher, my soul mate.  I love you and miss you everyday. From the luckiest person in the world to have walked beside you for six wonderful years. Love, Donna.

"Aunt Dot" by Leroy and Judy Helms

Faye Hubbard, Mother of Kay Redditt by Judy Helms

Elijah Avila, wonderful companion to Julianna Avila by Anne Hamilton and Money

"Dee Dee", avid hunter and best friend to Charlotte Krugler by Donna and Robin

"Jackson,"  wonderful companion to Susan Westbrook by Robin Thomas.

"Aspen T. Dyer Dog" best friend of Luke and Kelly Dyer by Jill Dyer

In Honor Of

In honor of Donna & Robin by Scott and Janet Townsend

In honor of all the pets that need help by Tricia Burnett

In honor of Corbin & Camden Harrison by Clark & Beverly Hering

In honor of Dallas Olin by Martha Turner

In honor of Henley, Precious & Gizmo by Louisa Dexter

In honor of Gloria Arnold by Terry & David Beasley

In honor of Jan & Craig Rand by Terry & David Beasley

In honor of Bev Jordan and Nancy Bowles by Kris McCue

In honor of Sawyer by Greg and Susan Parlier

In honor of Radar by Mike Witmer

In honor of Rhonda Vaughan by Stuart Vaughan

In honor of Josie by Rhonda K Wright

In honor of Karen Townsend by Charles Newsome

In honor of Dr. Outlaw by Elesia Ganem

In Honor of Tiger by Diane Messinger

Peaches by Betty Hertenstein

Ms. Joan Harrison by Karen Chesson Sheldon, with love and affection (NHS Class of 1985)

Dr. Anne Mitchell by Scott and Lynn Brogan

Josh & Dana McKinnon

Donna & Robin by Julie Olin

Sammie by Richard Peterson

Maggie Ann by Karen Dull

Elie and Sadie by Chuck Vasquez

Peaches and Katie, by Betty Hertenstein

In honor of Shamus and Dougal by Marianne Morosko, their human!

In honor of Sawyer, beloved companion of The Parlier Family, by Susan Parlier.

Piper, Buddy, Snowpea by Cheryl Smith

Beau, Lady F by Sarah Pyle

Tillman by Lori and Keith Roady

Karen Townsend by Charles Newsome

Dr. Anne Mitchell by Dana Haley

In Honor of Donna Grahl by Janet Townsend

Irene Simpson Fine by R Neal Fine

Happy Birthday to William Nash from Phyllis Nash

Berkley McAllister by Janet Royal

Donna and Robin by Peggy Robinson

Bradford by Janet Royal

Winston by Judy Hurt

Miguel by Jen Whitten

Lois Evans by Cammie Bell

Sara Womack by Cammie Bell

All the Dogs in Need by Lydia Myrick

Robin Thomas, Merry Christmas from Phoebe Azar

Rusty, Thacker, and Higgins Helms by Cheryl Smith

"Bella Fischer by Dr. Tricia Burnette

"Maggie" by Susan Westbrook

All the wonderful Olin dogs by Julie Olin

Merry Christmas to Robin Thomas and Donna Grahl from Leroy and Judy Helms.

For Cheryl Smith, Merry Christmas and thank you for helping with our homeless friends by Judy Helms

Joan Stanley, in appreciation for her caring support during these last few months for our Charley, by Pat Rudy and Ken Cox.

Anne Hamilton and Cedar Lake Stables by Lydia Myrick

"Shelby,"  great momma to her puppies from Mom and Dad!

Cheryl Smith by Judy Helms

Cathey Whitaker by Judy Helms

Alyce Wimbish by Judy Helms

Cammie Bell for her wonderful support and friendship by Donna Grahl

"Happy Birthday, Donna"  by Judy Helms

Judy Helms, Happy Birthday from Cheryl Smith
"Dylan" who is missed by his friends in Myrtle Beach from Mindy, Frankie and Baltimore

Donna, Happy Mother's Day from Maggie, Joanie, and Woody (by Judy Helms)

"Charlie" who is a wonderful canine companion and great comfort to Dot Crater by Cammie Bell
"Merry Christmas, Mom" - from Dennis Helms to Judy Helms
Cammie Bell - A great friend and supporter always.  Love, Donna
Alamance Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Kleisch by Cammie Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Howell by Camme Bell